CA Living TV dishes ‘California Wine Month’ food and wine

California Living® host Aprilanne Hurley shares secrets to great food and wine pairings..

California Living host Aprilanne Hurley’s mission to uncover the best food and wine pairing secrets brought her on-location with Winery Chef Jeffrey Starr at the Trinchero Family Estates Sutter Home Inn located in beautiful Napa Valley, Calif. The wine and food pairing secrets discovered, as well as the easy entertaining tips we scored are inspiring nuggets for both aspiring home chefs and busy people who want to entertain but don’t often have the time it takes to make it all happen with everything else they have going on.

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California Living’s ‘California Wine Month’ insider’s guide

California Living® Spotlights "California Wine Month"

Love California food and wine?  California Living ® host Aprilanne Hurley dishes the insider’s guide to an entire month of California food & wine in celebration of “California Wine Month” during September, 2015…and beyond. That’s right.  “California Wine Month” organizers and the Wine Institute have made it easier than ever to …

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California Living airs inside look at PlumpJack Winery ‘story’

John Conover, General Manager of PlumpJack Winery with Aprilanne Hurley, host of California Living®
Partner and General Manager of PlumpJack Winery John Conover and Aprilanne Hurley, host of California Living® discuss screw cap vs. cork closures for high-end wine.

California Living® celebrates “California Wine Month” with the inside look at our “best of” TV episodes featuring California wineries and California food & wine pairing.

This Week on California Living®:  As the Wine Industry debates over Screw Cap verses Cork closures…California Living® host Aprilanne Hurley gets an Inside Look at the compelling reasons why PlumpJack Winery made the bold move to  offer screw cap closures on their high end wine.

There’s a great story behind every California Living® TV episode. This is PlumpJack Winery’s story…

California Living® with host Aprilanne Hurley was a new “California lifestyle” TV show at the time we filmed on location at PlumpJack Winery in Napa Valley, California.

We appreciated PlumpJack Group invitation to go behind the scenes and into their world of wine. We also knew our viewers would really enjoy an inside look at the PlumpJack wine tasting experience, after all…

California-Living-Aprilanne-Hurley-Plumpjack-WineryPlumpJack Winery’s cabernet had recently been named the “World’s #1 Cab.”

PlumpJack Winery pioneers screw cap closures on high end wine.

Catch California Living® with host Aprilanne Hurley on ION Television Tuesday & Thursday mornings.Watch this “Best of” episode of CALIFORNIA LIVING® on ION Television Tuesday, September, 2015 in the San Francisco and Sacramento markets.

In this show, PlumpJack Winery partner and GM John Conover tells the story of how PlumpJack got it’s unique name.  We also hear what PlumpJack Winery founders  Gavin Newsom and Gordon Getty bring to the table, and get their take on why they went for screw cap closures on their high end wine.

PlumpJack Wine Pairing with BBQ on California Living®

PlumpJack Wine Pairing with BBQ on California Living® with host Aprilanne Hurley

This CALIFORNIA LIVING® PlumpJack Winery Food & Wine Special also features:

Fast forward to 2015.  As CALIFORNIA LIIVNG® celebrates 10 years on broadcast television, we extend a note of appreciation to PlumpJack Group for giving us the opportunity to “tell their story.”   The content featured in our PlumpJack Winery TV special remains as entertaining and evergreen as the day we filmed it.

Yes, PlumpJack Winemaker Tony Biagi has moved on.  Yet, if we’ve learned anything over the last 10 years – it’s that “things change.”

Today, winemaker Aaron Miller and his team continue on to earn PlumpJack wine high critical acclaim.

For the PlumpJack Group, “change” has been a good thing.  In addition to managing growth in their “lifestyle” focused restaurant and resort property offerings, PlumpJack Group’s portfolio now includes 2 additional Napa Valley wineries:


Odette Winery, Napa Valley, Califonia


Odette Winery located in the Stags Leap District along Silverado Trail, Napa Valley, California.

NEW EVENTS!  Click here for info. on Odette Estate’s 6/19/2015 Winemaker Dinner Event and 6/20/2015 Opening Celebration!


PlumpJack Group's Cade Winery

Cade Winery, ST. Helena, California

CADE Winery located on Howell Mountain, St. Helena, California.  Napa Valley’s first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certified estate winery.



Special thanks to the PlumpJack Group for inviting our CALIFORNIA LIVING® TV team and viewers behind the scenes to experience exceptional wine tasting, wine making…and the essence of living the #PlumpJackLife.

Pour a glass of wine, sit back, relax and watch the entire CALIFORNIA LIVING® PlumpJack Winery Special on-demand below…

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California Living: Carneros Inn on list of ‘Top Hotels’ for Wine Harvest

CALIFORNIA LIVING® host and Party Girl Diet™ author Aprilanne Hurley on location at the Carneros Inn & Span, Napa Valley, California

Carneros Inn and Spa, Napa Valley, California, on list of “Top Hotels” for California Wine Harvest by California Living® Host Aprilanne Hurley and the Robb Report. When CALIFORNIA LIVING® creator and host Aprilanne Hurley set her sights on producing a travel special on the Carneros Inn & Spa, she knew …

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California Living gets ‘physical’ for Physical Fitness Month

California Living host and Certified Specialist in Lifestyle Fitness Aprilanne Hurley invites viewers to "get physical" during National Physical Fitness Month.

“Let’s get physical” during National Physical Fitness Month 2015. California Living host and Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach Aprilanne Hurley invites you to “get physical” during May – National Physical Fitness Month 2015, with her California Living® “Super Health and Fitness” Special airing on ION Television May 5, 2015. Join Party …

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California Living airs insider’s guide to Half Moon Bay

This week, California Living© with TV series creator and host Aprilanne Hurley is all about delicious food, decadent spa and fun fitness ops in Half Moon Bay, CA. Tune in to California Living™ for the insider’s guide to Half Moon Bay, CA a super romantic Bay Area getaway for couples offering everything you could want in a getaway on California’s famed coast.

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California Living dishes Paso Robles Insider’s Guide on ION

California Living® series creator and host Aprilanne Hurley on location in Paso Robles Wine County.

Check out what’s new with California Living ® host Aprilanne Hurley here. Join California Living ® host Aprilanne Hurley for the “California Insider’s Guide” to the Paso Robles Wine Region to plan your “food and wine country getaway” on Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016. California Living® host and Party Girl Diet …

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'California Living' invites you to take a walk on the 'sunny side of SF Bay' during Tiburon Art Walk 2014

CALIFORNIA LIVING® host Aprilanne Hurley encourages you to plan a day-trip or romantic “Bay Area getaway” to the storybook town of Tiburon, Calif., to experience this town’s “walk everywhere” ambiance and sunny micro-cliamate during the Tiburon Chamber of Commerce’s first “Tiburon Art Walk” taking place now through Nov. 16, 2014.

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California Living: Experience Fleet Week 2014 with a Blue Angels Air Show Cruise on SF Bay

CALIFORNIA LIVING® invites you to book your 2014 Blue Angels Air-show Cruise with Angel Island Tiburon Ferry during Fleet Week 2014 taking place on FRIDAY, OCT. 9 AND Sunday, Oct. 13, 2014, from 2 pm – 4:30 pm out of Tiburon, CA.

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California Living host Aprilanne Hurley dishes 'home design hacks' on ION Television

Love everything about home design but hate the cost? CALIFORNIA LIVING® with host Aprilanne Hurley has the inside look at money saving “home design hacks” that can make your home ‘look like a million’ without spending a lot of your hard earned cash in the process.

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