Valley Fire shows ‘Preparedness’ is integral part of California Living

California Living® host Aprilanne Hurley says 'Disaster Preparedness is Always in Season."

California Living® host Aprilanne Hurley says ‘Disaster Preparedness is Always in Season.”

With the Valley Fire currently ravaging through several counties of California, California Living ® host Aprilanne Hurley encourages you to “Be Prepared” during September 2015  – National Disaster Preparedness Month.  Now is the time to get your Preparedness Plan in place at home and at work.

California Living® Emergency Kit Supply Checklist

California Living® Emergency Kit Supply Checklist

Since the launch of the CALIFORNIA LIVING® TV series in 2005, Hurley has made it her mission to communicate the importance of “Disaster Preparedness” on-air and online as a way to “give back” to the amazing community she calls home.

Now, in light of the 2015 Valley Fire – noted by Los Angeles Times as the worst tragedy Lake County has ever seen and considered the most devastating wildfire in California history currently effecting Lake, Napa, and Sonoma counties, CALIFORNIA LIVING® wants to get the word out that “Being prepared is always in season” and offers a free Disaster Preparedness “Toolkit” with resources everyone can benefit from.

Hurley says “the bottom line is that when you live in a place as beautiful as California, you have to take the good with the bad  – and be prepared for natural disasters.”

The CALIFORNIA LIVING® “Be Prepared California” TV Campaign now on-demand below, emphasizes the importance of putting together your Disaster Preparedness Kit that can be accessed immediately in the presence of any kind of disaster:

angelIslandFerryIn addition to pulling together your Emergency Preparedness Kit with the tips in the above video, do check out Captain Maggie McDonogh’s  Family Emergency Plan tips on, and check out our “quick view” preparedness tips below:

The Preparedness Message is Universal:

1.    Prepared a Survival Kit – Our recommendation is to keep an emergency kit in your car with essentials (in addition to having one in your home and office).  This way you will have emergency food, water, and supplies where ever you are when on the road.  Pack an extra cell phone charger and battery, crank and/or solar powered radio, blankets, road flares, and warm clothes in addition to a first aid kit.

2.  Create an Emergency Family Plan – Identify a responsible person out of state whom you can communicate with in the event phone lines in your area are tied up or down.  Discuss two meeting places – one near your home and one away from you home in the event a disaster strikes and going home is not an option.  Plan emergency exit routes, options, and protocols with each family member so they know exactly what to do in any type of emergency.

3.  Stay “in the know” On what’s happening in your community, especially as it relates to weather conditions and pending threats of natural disaster.  Depending on where you live – there are natural disaster threats specific to your area and you need to be prepared for anything!  The recent Tsunami Warnings that went into effect for many countries hit home for California’s Coast and residents as well.  “Staying Informed” is a critical component in your ongoing efforts to “Be Prepared” as there  may not be very time  to give notice to evacuate depending on the threat or disaster.

“Being Prepared for anything” will really give you and your loved ones peace of mind” Hurley notes, “While we naturally can’t control when or where a natural disaster will hit – by having what we need in place to operate at our peak performance in a disaster environment – we will be beeter able to help others in need, and can at least be assured we are doing all we can to increase our chances of survival.”

As the producer and host of CALIFORNIA LIVING® TV Lifestyle Magazine show now in its 10th season on broadcast television and currently airing on ION Television, host Aprilanne Hurley has made “fun living” a priority, showing viewers many of  the awesome places to go and  fun things to do in the Golden State since 2005.  Yet fun aside, Hurley has a serious side as well, which shines through in her “Be Prepared California” Campaign encouraging Californians to take the necessary steps to “Be Prepared” for natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and the devastation of wildfires such as the Valley Fire.

To find out more about what the Marin County Office of Emergency Services is doing to keep Marin residents safe visit:

Marin County Office of Emergency Services

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