New California Living spotlights food, wine and travel in Half Moon Bay, California

New California Living® TV host Aprilanne Hurley invites you to enjoy fresh seafood and "farm to table" cuisine at Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay, California.

New California Living ® TV host Aprilanne Hurley spotlights Half Moon Bay, California – a foodie and wine lovers paradise. Whether you’re a “resident tourist” or visiting California, California Living ® invites you to get out and explore California’s amazing coastal food and wine experiences this season. California Life & …

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California Living Travel spotlights Half Moon Bay food and wine

See California's Coast with California Living ® host Aprilanne Hurley from a very different perspective...the sky.

The California Living® with host Aprilanne Hurley Half Moon Bay Travel Special airs on ION Television’s KKPX-TV 65/Comcast Cable 16 in San Francisco, and KSPX- TV Channel 29/Comcast 11 in Sacramento, California. PLUS:  Check your local listings for California Living® channel placements on Dish Network and Direct TV. In celebration …

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California Living meets up with Mavericks founder Jeff Clark

Mavericks Surf Competition founder & California Living® TV host Aprilanne Hurley get in a SUP workout on ION Television.

California Living host Aprilanne Hurley gets up close and personal with Maverick Surf Competition Founder Jeff Clark for the inside look at how Mavericks was discovered, and hits the beach to get onboard with a fun water sport that torches calories and conditions your core.

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California Living's Insider's Guide to 1/24/2014 Mavericks Surf Competition and Viewing Festival

Get California Living’s Insider’s Guide on the 1/24/2014 Mavericks Surf Content here – and watch CALIFORNIA LIVING™ host Aprilanne Hurley’s in-depth interview with Jeff Clark big wave surfer legend and Mavericks Surf Competition Founder on-deamand.

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The Man behind the Maverick's Surf Legend on CA Living Primetime Ondemand!

Watch 2010 Maverick’s Surf Competiton Live and check out California Living Primetime Interview with Maverick’s Surf Competition Founder Jeff Clark On-demand Now!

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