Carneros Inn and Spa in California Living spotlight

CALIFORNIA LIVING® spotlights the Carneros Inn Napa Valley, California.

California Living® host Aprilanne Hurley delivers the Insider’s Guide to The Carneros Inn & Spa on ION Television Thursday, March 3, 2016. When CALIFORNIA LIVING® producer and host Aprilanne Hurley set her sights on creating a travel special on the Carneros Inn & Spa, she knew it would be the type of …

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California Living: Carneros Inn on list of ‘Top Hotels’ for Wine Harvest

CALIFORNIA LIVING® host and Party Girl Diet™ author Aprilanne Hurley on location at the Carneros Inn & Span, Napa Valley, California

Carneros Inn and Spa, Napa Valley, California, on list of “Top Hotels” for California Wine Harvest by California Living® Host Aprilanne Hurley and the Robb Report. When CALIFORNIA LIVING® creator and host Aprilanne Hurley set her sights on producing a travel special on the Carneros Inn & Spa, she knew …

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California Living dishes expert food and wine pairing

PlumpJack Wine Pairing with BBQ on California Living®

Join CALIFORNIA LIVING® TV series creator and “California Insider” Aprilanne Hurley on a mission to uncover the secrets to perfect food & wine pairing today on CALIFORNIA LIVING®.

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Carneros Inn and Spa on California Living list of romantic Bay Area getaways

If you love dining on farm to table cuisine, sipping Napa Valley wine, and living the relaxed California lifestyle, California Living™ with series creator Aprilanne Hurley has the dish on the perfect romantic Bay Area getaway for you this season.

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California Living host Aprilanne Hurley delivers "Summer of Love" spotlighting Romantic Bay Area Getaways

We’re calling it the 2013 California Living™ “Summer of Love” with television specials on some of the hottest romantic bay area getaways. California Living’s “Hot List” of romantic Bay Area travel destinations includes health and wellness getaway options for couples as well as those traveling with families.

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California Living host Aprilanne Hurley spotlights Carneros Inn & Spa

With World Class Wineries, Resorts and Restaurants at every turn – Napa Valley offers the perfect California Getaway. California Living’s Insider’s Guide to Napa Valley will ensure you’re going to have the ultimate Napa Valley Experience.

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Spa Getaways, Food and Wine in California Living Spotlight.

When it comes to California Living™ at it’s best…it’s all about making the most of the time you have ~ or don’t have…if you find yourself with no time to getaway ~ entertain…or workout – you’re in luck because California Living has the perfect show for you:

2/7/2013: Aprilanne takes in a Healing Gem & Hot Stone Massage during her Napa Valley Day Spa Getaway, learns entertaining secrets from Winery Chef Jeffrey Starr, and demonstrates “Toned-by-Tonight” California Living’s exclusive workout that will have your muscles looking more toned and defined by nightfall.

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CA joins CA Living TV to deliver the Ultimate Guide to California Living like an Insider!

The re-launch of CA sets the stage for the ability to publish high-end video on demand content (VOD) from the Bay Area lifestyle show California Living – with show host Aprilanne Hurley’s passion for sharing the best of everything living in California has to offer in a new, slick magazine style format on the web!

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