California Living: Carneros Inn on list of ‘Top Hotels’ for Wine Harvest


Carneros Inn and Spa, Napa Valley, California, on list of “Top Hotels” for California Wine Harvest by California Living® Host Aprilanne Hurley and the Robb Report.

When CALIFORNIA LIVING® creator and host Aprilanne Hurley set her sights on producing a travel special on the Carneros Inn & Spa, she knew it would be the type of destination everyone would want to know more about, thanks to its world famous Napa Valley, California location, “farm-to-table” cuisine and amazing resort amenities.

Enjoy fresh, local "farm to- table" cuisine at FARM - one a a few restaurants located on property at the Carneros Inn & Spa.

Enjoy fresh, local “farm to- table” cuisine at FARM – one a a few restaurants located on property at Carneros Inn & Spa.

California Living’s “inside look” at the Carneros Inn & Spa, a PlumpJack Group resort, airs in the 2015 CALIFORNIA LIVING® line-up of “Top Romantic Bay Area Getaways for “California Fall Wine Harvest” on ION Television.

CALIFORNIA LIVING® host Aprilanne Hurley delivers the California Insider’s Guide to the Carneros Inn and Spa’s fabulous resort complete with:

  • Full Service Spa

  • Multiple pools

  • Fitness center

  • Farm to table cuisine

  • Unique cottages and fractional ownership accommodations

Carneros Inn & Spa on California Living with host Aprilanne Hurley

Carneros Inn & Spa “Top Hotels” for the California Fall Wine Harvest airs on California Living® with host Aprilanne Hurley on ION Television.

Hurley offers, “Whether your looking to take in a spa day, get away for a weekend…or are ready to enjoy a lifetime ‘living the good life’ in Napa Valley, California. ~ California Living® will show you how in this California Top Hotels for California Fall Wine Harvest Travel Special with host Aprilanne Hurley.

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