CA joins CA Living TV to deliver the Ultimate Guide to California Living like an Insider!

"Your INSIDER'S GUIDE to California Living is here!
“Your INSIDER’S GUIDE to California Living is here!

January 8, 2010, San Francisco, CA – The re-launch of  CA sets the stage for the ability to publish high-end video on demand content (VOD) from the Bay Area lifestyle show California Living – with show host Aprilanne Hurley’s passion for sharing the best of everything living in California has to offer in a new, slick magazine style format on the web!  Hurley notes that “CA’s new format creates unlimited opportunities for us to deliver fresh editorial and photo-journalism pieces in addition to the TV features providing web-visitors with the Ultimate Guide to California Living here in the Golden State!”

Having published videos on the web years before YouTube  existed, Hurley is no stranger to television and web production.  Hurley completed her Broadcast Television Production training with Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA  in the early 90’s and is credited with producing award winning news features,  the TV series California Living, and creative TV commercials and web videos with a high-end agency look and feel  without the high agency fees!”

“Quality content is king,” Hurley notes – “there’s a lot of junk out there to sort through when it comes to VOD,  and while I think it’s great that anyone can get a video on the web, we’ve created a web-destiniation for people looking for entertaining “Lifestyle” related video content with high production values.”  Hurley’s Information Technology (IT) team has upgraded the site’s abilities to deliver higher quality video downloads On-Demand. 

Angel Island Tiburon Ferry President and CEO, Captain Maggie McDonogh – a 5th generation Californian, San Francisco Bay Travel Expert, and regular guest on California Living  is excited about the value offers the public and the state of California. “Aprilanne is always one step ahead when it comes to technology and production,” McDonogh notes, “she knows what the viewers will be looking for next – before anyone else does.”  McDonogh offers that “in addition to keeping everyone up on what’s happening with “California Living,” Aprilanne  always has the best interests of her clients’ and local businesses in mind, and is a key player in the promotion of California tourism.”

Hurley, who grew up on the East Coast, recently celebrated the 20 year mark of living in California.  “Everyday is a vacation day for me living here in California, we have great weather, incredible views everywhere you look, and that relaxed California lifestyle – which is what California Living is all about!”  Hurley beams – “my mission, which is synonymous with the driving force behind California Living’s tag line is to entice everyone to “find out why it’s just more FUN ~ living in California!” 

Hurley notes that “not just any business or travel service can be featured on “CA – which is what sets it apart from all the other travel sites out there.”  “There is a qualifying process in place, and as the “Insider” I personally need to be confidant in the quality of service providers I am reporting on.”  Hurley adds with a smile – “I know, checking out all the great restaurants, resorts, and spas in California is a tough job – but somebody’s got to do it!” is a web-destination for people interested in getting the Insider’s Guide to California’s hottest travel spots, as well a site for locals and “resident tourists” to go to who are looking to rediscover the endless opportunities for fun and excitment right in their own backyards!” 

For more information on and on the process to be considered for a CA INSIDER review on your business and/or travel services contact Aprilanne Hurley directly @ 415.209.0722, or email Hope @

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