Party Girl Diet Author Reveals Easy Ways to Keep the Party Going on Sac & Co Live

Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley gives viewers the inside look at how to replace some of the vitamins lost through over consumption of alcohol by mixing up “The Morning -After” – one of The Party Girl Diet’s “Daily Mocktails” -on Sacramento and Company live!

In the Sac & Co TV segment below – Hurley also shares simple and fun ways to eat healthier – and explains s the core principal behind her revolutionary new lifestyle that lets you eat chocolate, drink red wine, enjoy a wide variety of delicious foods and “Lose Weight…While You’re Having the Time of Your Life!”

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Emergency Supply Checklist

There is a certain “peace of mind” that comes with ‘being prepared” for disasters that comes with the knowledge that you have done all you can to protect you and your family. Trust me, it really does feel good to know you will have what you need to survive for at least 3 days on your own if you had to – so TRY IT and see for yourself! Check out the emergency supply list below…

Get the dish… offers "lifestyle friendly" Volunteerism with TV Hero Masi Oka

INSIDE LOOK TV, LLC in partnership with California Living Primetime offers “Lifestyle Friendly” Volunteerism with – A unique “Find Your Match Volunteer Oportunity Website” dedicated to catering to the interests and lifestyles of each individual. Check out “Heroes Happen – Find the Hero in YOU” – Public Awareness TV Campaign now On-Demand!

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Preparedness Resources & Links

Every small step you make today towards preparedness will go a long way in helping you and your family survive in the event a disaster strikes – start small and build your kit or get it all in one day – just do it and Be Prepared TODAY!

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California Livings' "Be Prepared California" and Angel Island Ferry's "Get on Board for Safety" Public Awareness TV Campaigns drive home 1 message: "Be Prepared Today."

CA Insider and California Living™ shine the “California Community Spotlight”™ on Captain Maggie McDonogh and the Angel Island Tiburon Ferry’s “On Board for Safety” Public Awareness Campaign world premiering on-air and on-demand February 2010!

Emergency Services Experts forecast that with CA 101 being the only main corridor in Marin County, in the event of a disaster it may become difficult to get medical supplies and food in and/or people out of the county in a timely fashion. Should circumstances necessitate- the Angel IslandTiburon Ferry can serve as a tremendous Emergency Services Resource with the ability to travel to and from San Francisco and other areas to transport medical supplies, food rations, and people to help manage the disaster.

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CA joins CA Living TV to deliver the Ultimate Guide to California Living like an Insider!

The re-launch of CA sets the stage for the ability to publish high-end video on demand content (VOD) from the Bay Area lifestyle show California Living – with show host Aprilanne Hurley’s passion for sharing the best of everything living in California has to offer in a new, slick magazine style format on the web!

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The Man behind the Maverick's Surf Legend on CA Living Primetime Ondemand!

Watch 2010 Maverick’s Surf Competiton Live and check out California Living Primetime Interview with Maverick’s Surf Competition Founder Jeff Clark On-demand Now!

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Eureka! CA's 6.5 Wake up call to "Be Prepared!"

When a 6.5 earthquake hits Northern California we don’t need another reason to “BE PREPARED.” Since CA is exceptionaly prone to natural disaster such as earthquakes and fires – “Diasaster Preparedness” has been an important theme on – my blog: “last minute” holiday gift ideas – and it is also the most recent category added on – offering an easy to read guide on how to BE PREPARED. Disaster Preparedness is a topic everyone needs to deal with – no matter who we are, where we live, or what we do – no one is exempt from the threat of disaster and everyone needs to put a plan in place and get set with the supplies they need to Be Prepared.

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Discover the REAL "Fountain of Youth" at your fingertips!

Now what if I told you – the secrets to living a longer, happier, and healthier life are available to you right now and are literally just a mere click away – and all FREE for the taking? I know, you may be wondering “what’s the catch?” Well – there is no catch. I’m not pushing any magic pills – secret virility potions – fancy creams – or body altering gadgets.

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