Weekend Day Trip to West Marin offers bounty of FRESH Oysters ~ perhaps nature's most perfect food…

The ride to Tomales Bay is exceptionally beautiful anytime of year. Outdoor lovers will enjoy a visit to the Tomales Bay State Park – one of the many amazing California State Parks.

There are also quaint towns with great restaurants and small boutiques along the way to check out too.

To add a flavor boost with anti-aging health benefits try my “Anti-Aging” Garlic Butter Sauce” Recipe below on BBQ’D oysters – and pair your BBQ’D oysters with a sparkling beverage such as champagne, beer, or sparkling water to indulge in a most sumptuous pairing with nature’s perfect food ~ oysters. Oh, and if your in the mood for love…eating a few dozen oysters and just thinking they are aphrodisiac may just do the trick! Aprilanne

To make Aprilanne’s “Anti-Aging” Garlic Butter for 2 dozen BBQ’D Oysters…

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