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Why check out Aprilanne Hurley’s Sexy Abs Diet secrets? Because there’s never been a better time to change up your fitness routine! And because sexy abs are always in season.

But most of all…because we care. With the 2020 “Shelter at Home” directives in place, it may be hard to get in a decent workout. And not only that, many people are eating less healthy…because stress has a way of doing that. Furthermore, we’re all under an additional amount of stress these days – which can unfortunately lead to more belly fat.

So to anyone looking to lose weight, combat belly fat AND sleep better – you’ve come to the right place. Because right now – thanks to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, we are happy to offer you a FREE Kindle E-Book Edition of the Super Abs Playbook until 11:59 p.m. on April 2, 2020. (We can only offer it free for 5 days according to the program guidelines).

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So go for it! Because the Party Girl Diet’s SUPER ABS PLAYBOOK™ delivers your Sexy Abs Diet & Workout Game Plan to Sip, Sculpt n’ Sleep Your Way Skinny™.

And really, there’s never been a better time to check out the Sexy Abs Diet science behind Aprilanne Hurley’s Super Abs Playbook…for free!

Think about it seriously: What have you got to lose?

California Living host and Certified Specialist in Lifestyle Fitness Aprilanne Hurley invites viewers to "get physical" during National Physical Fitness Month.

So do you really want sleeker abs and a stronger core? Give the Super Abs Playbook Kindle E-Book Edition a try. And check out Hurley’s Sexy Abs Workout™ in the Amazon Kindle Store:

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Above all, this is your opportunity to unlock the secrets to flat, sexy abs. Party Girl Diet™ Author Aprilanne Hurley’s SUPER ABS PLAYBOOK™ Sexy Abs Diet & Workout Game-Plan delivers 6 Super Abs “Power Plays” to include:

  1. Scientific weight loss and appetite hormone management secrets
  2. Proven strategies to encourage more restful sleep
  3. Lifetime online access to the Super Abs Playbook’s Sexy Abs Workout
  4. Super Abs Playbook’s Sexy Abs Coconut Water Smoothie Recipe featured on numerous TV News Shows
  5. Sexy Abs Diet Skinny Soup Recipes
  6. Super Abs Diet Meal Plans and…
    BONUS Party Girl Diet™ Cookbook delivering healthy party food “recipe makeovers” for favorites like cheeseburgers, guacamole, chili, meatballs, Skinny Fudge™ and more.

Get The SUPER ABS PLAYBOOK™ Secrets & The Science:

No two bodies are the same. To that end, The Party Girl’s SUPER ABS PLAYBOOK™ delivers Sexy Abs Diet Food & Workout Guides to uncover the best abs possible for your individual body type. As a result, individual results may vary.


Make meatballs a healthy part of your diet with California Living ®

So go ahead…enjoy your life and the foods you eat while building stronger abs with Aprilanne Hurley’s SUPER ABS PLAYBOOK™ & Sexy Abs Workout Guide starting today. And remember – it’s yours FREE until 11:59 pm on Thursday, April 2, 2020 – because we care 🙂

About Aprilanne Hurley

California Living ® TV host and Author of the Party Girl Diet - Aprilanne Hurley in her studio kitchen

Aprilanne Hurley is Certified in Optimal Heath, Wellness and Sports Nutrition, and has received certifications as a Sports Nutrition Specialist and Lifestyle Fitness Coach. Hurley is the TV series creator and host of California Living ®, and Author of the Party Girl Diet™ book series available on

Hurley’s media credits include live TV appearances on the ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox Networks – delivering the healthy, sustainable lifestyle revealed in her Party Girl Diet™ book series.

Hurley has also appeared on CNN Headline News to promote healthy eating. She created nutrition courses on the health benefits of herbs and spices. And Hurley has held nutrition workshops for parents with at risk children on Oahu, Hawaii. All of these activities are based on sharing the healthy, sustainable lifestyle revealed in Hurley’s Party Girl Diet™ book series.

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