California Living reveals best Pasta Sauce Recipe

California Living® serves up the best Pasta Sauce Recipe for foodies and home chefs.

Sure you can spend a good part of your Sunday morning making Italian Pasta Sauce the “old fashioned” way – yet this spaghetti sauce is so quick and delicious, it will become your favorite sauce to go with your meatballs and spaghetti any day of the week.

Bursting with anti-oxidants, phyto-nutrients, and fresh just picked off the vine flavor – this Party Girl Diet approved Fresh Tomato Sauce Recipe is the perfect companion to Grandma Rose’s Authentic Italian Meatballs & Spaghetti.

Watch along as we get the Inside Look at how to make Fresh Pasta Sauce Recipe, as originally seen prime time on California Living® TV with Aprilanne:

Party Girl Diet Health Tip:  This recipe for Fresh Tomato Sauce is easy, quick, and makes a tomato sauce so incredibly tasty for spaghetti, pizza, and Italian baked dishes you will never suspect it is actually good for you.

Tomatoes are a major source of the Antioxidant Lycopene which is thought to reduce the risk of Cancer by 40 % – notably prostate, lung, and stomach cancer and increase survival.  Here’s an interesting tip – concentrated tomato sauces like the ones found on pizza and in pasta sauce have FIVE time more lycopene than fresh and canned and jarred tomato sauces have THREE times more the antioxidant value of lycopene than fresh tomatoes so there is no excuse to always have this power-food on hand any time you want or need a lycopene boost.

Fresh Spaghetti Sauce Recipe Featured on California Living®

Recipes compliments of Executive Chef Graziano of Petaluma, California.  Special thanks to Granziano for sharing his time and talents with the California Living® team and our viewers.  Please enjoy this special  feature spotlighting the coveted recipes of the famed Graziano’s of Petaluma, California, which, after 31 years in business has changed hands and name since our filming.  Cheers to your retirement Graziano!

1. Cut a small X on top of 4 – 6 ripe, large, on the vine tomatoes – place in boiling water (boil for approx. 2 minutes to blanch – remove from water, let cool, and pull off skin – then roughly dice/chop reserving juice.

2. Place approximately 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive in a large saute pan and saute 3 large shallots and 4 cloves of garlic, minced.

3. Once shallots are clear in color – add diced tomatoes to pan – with one 8 oz. glass of white wine and approximately 8 oz. of water (Or vegetable broth).

4. Add 1 bunch loosely cut fresh basil and 2 tsp. each sea salt and black pepper.

5. Simmer on low about an hour or so – the longer it cooks the thicker the sauce will be.

6.  Serve over your favorite pasta and a side of our our Authentic Italian Meatballs and ENJOY ~ Aprilanne

Party Girl Diet™ Tip:  The above sauce has a Marinara sauce consistency.  If you prefer a thicker pasta sauce, feel free to add half a can of tomato paste (or the amount to your liking).

PS:  The above fresh Spaghetti Sauce Recipe is one of two weeks of healthy, delicious and nutritious recipes featured in Aprilanne Hurley’s Party Girl Diet book.

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