Hawaii Travel: At home COVID-19 pretesting available through Vault Health

California Living ® TV spotlights at home COVID-19 and Rapid same day pretesting options for Hawaii travel

Bypass Hawaii’s 10-day quarantine with new, at home and same day Rapid COVID-19 pre-testing options at SFO for Hawaii travel available now!

California Living ® host Aprilanne Hurley reviews where to "Stay & Play" in the Hawaiian Islands.

California Living® TV spotlights Rapid Covid-19 testing for Hawaii travel from San Francisco International Airport.

Hawaii on your mind? Read on to learn how to bypass Hawaii’s quarantine with a Hawaii State approved at home COVID-19 pre-testing option: Vault Health’s COVID-19 Saliva Test.

This Vault Health product is the first FDA EUA Authorized Saliva Test. And, it’s also one of the approved COVID-19 “Trusted Testing and Travel Partners” by the State of Hawaii.

Interested? Click here to learn more about the Vault COVID-19 at-home testing process.

Begin your Hawaii travel process by creating an account to fill out your Mandatory State of Hawaii Travel and Health Form. You will also need to upload your “negative” Covid-19 test results within 72 hours of traveling to Hawaii on this same site (https://travel.hawaii.gov).

California Living ® TV Spotlights Waikiki Beach, Hawaii
California Living ® TV Spotlights Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Because Hawaii is calling…Hawaii bound travelers can bypass the State of Hawaii’s 10-day Covid-19 quarantine with proof of a “negative” COVID-19 test result within 72 hours of their flight to Hawaii.

So what’s the catch? Travelers must get negative Covid-19 test results within 3 days (72 hours) of the last leg of their trip to Hawaii to avoid the 14-day quarantine.

So how do you figure out when is 72 hours before your flight? Check out this awesome Safe Travels Hawaii Airlines Calculator! Just plug in your flight day and time and it will generate the day and time you need to administer your Covid-19 test results after to ensure your test results will be valid (Within 72 hours) upon arriving in Hawaii.

And remember, travelers must have received a negative Covid-19 test result and uploaded it to the Hawaii’s Travel Safe website within 72 hours of their scheduled flight.

It’s also recommended that you have a printed copy of your negative Covid-19 test results with you as well as an electronic backup copy of your negative test results.

No matter which testing option you decide on, Hawaii bound travelers must use an approved testing agency – because no one wants to encounter travel complications when paradise awaits.

United Airlines partners with Dignity Health – Go Health to offer same day Rapid Covid-19 Testing for UA passengers to Hawaii at San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport offers Rapid same day Covid-19 testing for United Airlines’ passengers with test results in about 15 minutes.

Same day Covid-19 Rapid Test appointments must be scheduled in advance. Be ready to book online about 1 week before your scheduled United Airlines Hawaii bound flight. While the scheduling window may change, for now, be sure to start checking the Dignity Health – Go Health website at least a week before your flight for appointment openings. And keep in mind, appointments do go fast. In addition, it’s recommended you schedule your appointment 2 1/2 – 3 hours before your flight time.

California Living ® TV host Aprilanne Hurley spotlights at home COVID-19 pretesting option to bypass Hawaii quarantine

California Living ® TV spotlights where to stay and play on the Hawaiian Islands

So it’s no secret we love Hawaii. And because we’ve featured so many awesome Hawaii hotels and resorts over the years – we have a few favorites to share.

California Living® TV host Aprilanne Hurley spotlights Sheraton Kauai Resort on Kauai’s South Shore

Get ready to pack your bags for paradise with a look at some of our favorite Hawaii Islands resorts to visit below:

Royal Kona Resort, Hawaii, Kona, “The Big Island”

Royal Lahaina Resort, Maui, Hawaii

*Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas – Kauai North Shore

*Sheraton Kauai Resort – Kauai South Shore

*Update: As of Dec. 2, 2020, The Island of Kauai is not participating in the Covid-19 pre-testing program – so plan to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

Trump International Resort, Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii

California Living ® TV spotlights Hawaii travel…made easy

Voted America’s #1 Beach year after year, Kaanapali Beach in front of the Royal Lahaina Resort, Maui, is the perfect Hawaiian Island getaway.

So what are you waiting for? With at home COVID-19 testing options like Vault, and United Airline’s same day Rapid Testing with Dignity Health – Go Health at SFO, this is a great time to start planning your next Hawaiian Island getaway.

But wait! If you need a bit more inspiration, check out the Royal Lahaina Resort’s Live Beach Webcam. Oh yes…paradise truly awaits!

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