California Living airs inside look at Napa Valley wine pairing

California Living ® host Aprilanne Hurley with Celebrity Chef Ralph Pagano at the Culinary Insitute of America.

California Living ® host Aprilanne Hurley with Celebrity Chef Ralph Pagano at the Culinary Insitute of America.

Join California Living ® host Aprilanne Hurley for the inside look at how to expertly pair wine and food at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, located in Napa Valley, California.

California Living spotlights Napa Valley, California, food and wine pairing

To wrap California Wine Month with a bang, California Living ® airs this entertaining inside look at Food & Wine Pairing for viewers looking to learn expert secrets to great food and wine pairing to create their own delicious food and wine pairings at home.

The California Living ® Food & Wine Paring Special airs on Tuesday, 9/27/2016 on the following ION Television Channels:

KKPX-TV 65, Comcast 16 in San Francisco – Oakland – San Jose, California

KSPX – TV 29, Comcast 11 in Sacramento on ION Television

California Living® is also available on the Dish TV and Direct TV Networks  – please check your local listings for channel placements.  Click here for the full California Living ® Broadcast Schedule and Channel Placement info. – then catch CA Living TV on ION Television real-time, record it…or TIVO it – to get in on all the California Living ® fun.

California Living ® host Aprilanne Hurley attends food & wine pairing class at the Culinary Institute of America with food & wine enthusiasts Tyler Ash and Damon Calegari.

California Living ® host Aprilanne Hurley with food & wine enthusiasts Damon Calegari & Tyler Ash.

Food + Wine = The perfect pairing.  In this California Living ® Food & Wine Pairing Special, Hurley reveals an inside look at:

  • The secrets to expert food & wine pairing with Executive, teacher, and author Chef John Ash
  • Wine Appreciation and Food & Wine Pairing Classes at the The Culinary Institute of America
  • Interviews with judge and winner of a “chef centric” event held at the Culinary Institute of America, Napa Valley, California

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