It’s Destination Tiburon for California Living with Aprilanne

California Living® host Aprilanne Hurley is on location in Tiburon, California with the Insider's Guide to Food, Wine & Fitness on ION Television.

CALIFORNIA LIVING® with TV series creator & host Aprilanne Hurley celebrates 11 years on Broadcast Television.

Destination Tiburon: California Living ® host and Party Girl Diet author Aprilanne Hurley invites you to join her for the Insider’s Guide to award winning food, wine and fun in Tiburon, California.

California Living® has the dish on all the fun you can have at Sam's Tiburon.

California Living ® has the dish on all the fun you can have at Sam’s anchor Cafe in Tiburon, California.

California Living ® Travel Special: Destination Tiburon airs Tuesday, August 16, 2016 on ION Television

Here’s a peek at all the fun host Aprilanne Hurley gets into in this CALIFORNIA LIVING® TV Destination Tiburon Travel Special on “Tiburon, California:”

  • Get the inside look at “sea-to-table” and fresh, local cuisine at award winning Sam’s Anchor Cafe located on the picturesque Tiburon waterfront.  With a super fun view deck that people can even pull up to in their boats, a visit to “sams tiburon” located on Main Street in Tiburon, California is a “must experience” Bay Area getaway to enjoy all year round.
  • California Living® also checks out private charters and romantic Sunset Cruises with Captain Maggie McDonogh and the Angel Island Tiburon Ferry:

California Living® with host Aprilanne Hurley airs on ION Television’s KKPX-TV 65/Comcast Cable 16 in San Francisco, and KSPX- TV Channel 29/Comcast 11 in Sacramento, California.

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Looking for a fun n’ fit way to see the sights in Tiburon, California?  CALIFORNIA LIVING® reccomends renting bicycles in Tiburon or Stand-Up Paddle Boards with DemoSport owner & Adventure Guide Steve Merrifield and his team of Fun Fitness Experts.

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The waterfront deck at "sams tiburon" is the place to be and be seen.

Destination Tiburon:  The waterfront deck at “sams tiburon” is the place to be and be seen.

Sam’s Anchor Cafe, in Tiburon is the place to be to take in a bite, enjoy a cocktail with friends…and soak up the sun amidst the spectacular sights of the San Francisco skyline, Angel Island and the San Francisco Bay from the comfort of  the waterfront deck at “sams tiburon.”

Check out the “sams cam” for a pre-weather check…and to check out the action at “sams tiburon” like we just did to get the picture on right:

Sams Cam

California Living ® with host Aprilanne Hurley is all about spotlighting restaurants where viewers can enjoy fresh, local, seasonal California Cuisine – and our “Destination Tiburon” Insider’s Guide gives you a taste of the delicious fun you can have visiting the waterfront town of Tiburon, California.

Score the authentic "sams tiburon" San Francisco style Crab Cioppino Recipe featured on California Living® with host Aprilanne Hurley.

Make your Destination Tiburon, to enjoy Crab Cioppino Recipe at Sam’s Anchor Cafe – featured on California Living ®.

Click here for Sam’s Anchor Cafe’s Crab Cioppino Recipe featured in this show.

You can check out one of our past visits to  Sam’s Anchor Cafe, where co-owner Brian Wilson dishes up Sam’s famous “Oysters Brian” and Seared Ahi Tuna – a Sam’s Anchor Cafe specialty dish, in the following  Calfiornia Living® TV Magazine segment below airing on ION Television:

Sam’s Anchor Cafe is a Party Girl Diet “Approved” establishment – with co-owner Brian Wilson noted for making national news in making Tiburon, California the first “trans-fat-free-city” in the country.  Keep the party going…while you lose the weight™ enjoying all the fresh seafood and specialty dishes at Sam’s Anchor Cafe.

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“Dishing up the best in food, fitness and fun…with a twist.”

Aprilanne Hurley completed her nutrition studies at San Diego State University in “Optimal Health, Wellness and Sports Nutrition,” and has received certifications as a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and Lifestyle Fitness Coaching. Aprilanne Hurley is the author of The Party Girl Diet™, The Super Abs Playbook™, and The Socialite Diet™ all available on

Aprilanne Hurley is the Series Creator of CALIFORNIA LIVING® – the “California lifestyle” inspired Inside Look TV Magazine Show featuring California’s trends in food, travel, and healthy living celebrating 10 years on broadcast television.

Hurley’s media credits include live TV appearances on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX Networks to discuss the Party Girl Diet’s healthy Mediterranean inspired diet, lifestyle and workout plan that lets you “keep the party going – while you lose the weight.”

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