SF Giants World Series Cruises to McCovey Cove in California Living with Aprilanne Spotlight

"Don't Stop Believing" onboard Angel Island Tiburon Ferry's SF Giants 'World Series Cruise" to McCovey Cove, San Franciso

"Don't Stop Believing" onboard Angel Island Tiburon Ferry's SF Giants 'World Series Cruise" to McCovey Cove, San Franciso

Updated 10/24/2014: CALIFORNIA LIVING® with host Aprilanne Hurley is excited to report the ultimate #OctoberTogether experience for SF Giants fans will be onboard Angel Island -Tiburon Ferry’s premiere SF Giants World Series Cruises to McCovey Cove, San Francisco on Friday, Oct. 24 AND Sunday, Oct. 26.  These signature San Francisco Bay “2014 World Series Cruises” will put SF Giants fans right where all the #OctoberTogether action is, offering people the ability to watch the 2014 World Series game 3 LIVE on screen in comfort and style aboard the “Tamalpais,” Angel Island Tiburon Ferry’s private charter vessel.

Captain Maggie offers, “The party scene in McCovey Cove is hard to beat when it comes to the perfect #OrangeOctober venue for SF Giants fans to unit and come together to cheer on our amazing Giants to World Series Victory! If you love everything about the San Francisco Giants and want to be part of the live World Series magic going down during game 3 – here’s your chance to get onboard an Angel Island Tiburon Ferry ‘SF Giants #OrangeTogether World Series Cruise’ to watch the World Series live on our large screen TV’s. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to cheer on our SF Giants while taking in all the World Series excitement happening LIVE in historic McCovey Cove, San Francisco with us.”

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Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014

  • Boarding takes place at 3:30 p.m. at the Angel Island – Tiburon Ferry 21 Main Street Dock, Tiburon, Calif.
  • The Angel Island Tiburon Ferry  “SF Giants World Series Cruise” departs our Tiburon, Calif. dock at 4:00 p.m.
  • Cruise out in style on San Francisco Bay to historic McCovey Cove and be a part of the World Series excitement as you watch the game live on screen aboard the “Tamalpais,” Angel Island Tiburon Ferry’s luxury private charter vessel.
  • Ticket price is $50.00 per person.

Party snacks provided.  Angel Island – Tiburon Ferry World Series cruisers may bring their own picnic or snacks to enjoy onboard.

A full bar and drinks/beverages are available for purchase for your cruising pleasure. (No alcoholic beverages allowed onboard private charters, thanks for your cooperation).

For more information please call our office at 415.435.2131, email us at aiferry@angelislandferry.com or for immediate assistance call Angel Island – Tiburon Ferry’s Private Charters Consulting at 415.326.4188.

(PS:  Angel Island – Tiburon Ferry will only fill the boat to a comfortable capacity for the best possible onboard experience!)

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