Inside Look at PlumpJack Winery on California Living TV with host Aprilanne Hurley (Video)

California Living™ with series creator and host Aprilanne Hurley delivers your California Insider’s Guide to PlumpJack Winery, Napa Valley, CA on air and on-demand.

Check out Part 1 California Living™ with host Aprilanne Hurley’s inside look at PlumpJack Winery in the video above, and read on for a little background on this fabulous California Living™ Broadcast TV episode.
John Conover, General Manager of PlumpJack Winery with Aprilanne Hurley, host of California Living

John Conover, General Manager of PlumpJack Winery with Aprilanne Hurley, host of California Living

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In this Best of California Living™ TV presentation, California Living™ series creator Aprilanne Hurley interviews General Manager John Conover and uncovers why PlumpJack Winery has earned “cult status.”   Hurley also goes behind the scenes to discover what goes into making great wine, and checks out how to pair wine with BBQ.

“PlumpJack Winery is where California Living’s facination with wine tasting and wine making all began,” says Aprilanne Hurley, California Living series creator and show host, adding, “airing it for our viewers sets the stage for all the great food & wine experiences California Living© Season 8 delivers.”  Hurley continues, “We could have started the show’s wine industry focus with any of the incredible wineries here in California.  We just lucked out as we had recently filmed a feature on the Carneros Inn, a PlumpJack resort and the opportunity came up for us to check out California Lt. Governor and former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s PlumJack Winery…and the rest is history.”

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